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[groff] 02/51: doc/groff.texi: Sync with groff(7).

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: [groff] 02/51: doc/groff.texi: Sync with groff(7).
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2022 08:15:46 -0400 (EDT)

gbranden pushed a commit to branch master
in repository groff.

commit f117321f14213baf9d85b74070b34ad66dacca27
Author: G. Branden Robinson <>
AuthorDate: Sat Sep 3 18:09:24 2022 -0500

    doc/groff.texi: Sync with groff(7).
    * doc/groff.texi (Numeric Expressions): Sync with groff(7); drop a
      misleading statement.  It is not the boundary-relative motion operator
      `|` that implies a scaling unit, but the escape sequence employed in
      the subsequent example.
 doc/groff.texi | 5 ++---
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/doc/groff.texi b/doc/groff.texi
index 0c359665c..aa2f67e36 100644
--- a/doc/groff.texi
+++ b/doc/groff.texi
@@ -6117,9 +6117,8 @@ likely undesirable, results.  On the @samp{ps} output 
device, it
 underlines the period.
 For vertical movements, the @code{|} operator specifies a distance from
-the first text baseline on the page or in the current diversion.  The
-default scaling unit is vees, computed in terms of the current
-vertical spacing (not necessarily that at the top of the page).
+the first text baseline on the page or in the current diversion, using
+the current vertical spacing.

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