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[groff] 05/26: groff_mm(7): Fix content, style, and markup nits.

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: [groff] 05/26: groff_mm(7): Fix content, style, and markup nits.
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2022 20:41:31 -0500 (EST)

gbranden pushed a commit to branch master
in repository groff.

commit e7230cccee57259b346314163da1c8ea380a5a29
Author: G. Branden Robinson <>
AuthorDate: Thu Dec 15 17:59:53 2022 -0600

    groff_mm(7): Fix content, style, and markup nits. APP, APPSK, PIC, PE, PH, PS, PX requests and O, W registers.
    * Drop description within a macro empty argument semantics; this is
      already discussed at the top of the "Macros" section.
    * More accurately notate optional macro arguments.
    * Describe appendix IDs in terms of number format, also already
    * Rename metasyntactic variables for clarity.
    * More precisely describe macro behavior.
    * Don't say "non-zero" when we mean "true"; register values are signed,
      are negative values are false.
    * Don't say "adjustment" when we mean "alignment".
    * Document interaction of "papersize.tmac" with O and W registers.
    * Stop italicizing no-space mode; we don't define it.
    * Reduce use of font selection escape sequences.
    * Fix unescaped hyphens.
 contrib/mm/ | 137 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------------
 1 file changed, 85 insertions(+), 52 deletions(-)

diff --git a/contrib/mm/ b/contrib/mm/
index 6cae4e769..15a206829 100644
--- a/contrib/mm/
+++ b/contrib/mm/
@@ -550,28 +550,26 @@ to end the list.
-.BI APP\  "name text"
-Begin an appendix with name
-.IR name .
+.BR APP \~\c
+.RI [ id\~ [ title ]]
+Begin an appendix.
-Automatic naming occurs if
-.I name
-.BR \[dq]\[dq] .
+If the identifier
+.I id
+is omitted,
+it is incremented
+(or initialized,
+if necessary).
-The appendices start with\~\c
-.B A
-if automatic naming is used.
+The default register format is \[lq]A\[rq].
-A new page is ejected,
-and a header is also produced if the register
+The page is broken,
+and a header produced if register
 .B Aph
-is non-zero.
+is true;
+this is the default.
-This is the default.
-The appendix always appears in the \[lq]List of contents\[rq] with
-correct page numbers.
+Appendices appear in the \[lq]List of contents\[rq] with page numbers.
 The name \[lq]APPENDIX\[rq] can be changed by setting the string
 .B App
@@ -579,17 +577,25 @@ to the desired text.
 The string
 .B Apptxt
-contains the current appendix text.
+is assigned
+.I title
+if the argument is present,
+otherwise it is cleared.
-.BI APPSK\  "name pages text"
-Same as
+.BI APPSK\~ "id n" \~\c
+.RI [ title ]
 .BR .APP ,
-but the page number is incremented with
-.IR pages .
+but increment the page number by
+.IR n .
+Use this macro to \[lq]skip pages\[rq] when diagrams or other materials
+not formatted by
+.I @g@troff
+are included in appendices.
-This is used when diagrams or other non-formatted documents are
-included as appendices.
 .BR AS\~ [\c
@@ -2753,42 +2759,55 @@ Used to get rid of the header in letters or other 
special texts.
 This macro must be used before any text to inhibit the page header
 on the first page.
-.BI "PIC \fR[\fP\-B\fR] [\fP\-L\fR] [\fP\-C\fR] [\fP\-R\fR] [\fP\-I\ " 
"n\fR]\fP filename \fR[\fPwidth \fR[\fPheight\fR]]\fP"
-Include a PostScript file in the document.
+.BR PIC \~\c
+.RB [ \-B ]\~\c
+.RB [ \-C |\c
+.BI \-I\~ n\c
+.RB | \-L \c
+.RB | \-R ]\~\c
+.IR file \~[ width \~[ height ]]
+Include PostScript document
+.IR file .
-The macro depends on
+This macro depends on
 .MR mmroff @MAN1EXT@
-The arguments
+The optional
+.B \-B
+argument draws a box around the picture.
+The optional
 .BR \-L ,
 .BR \-C ,
 .BR \-R ,
-.BI \-I\  n
-adjust the picture or indent it.
-With no flag the picture is adjusted to the left.
+.BI \-I\~ n
+arguments align the picture or indent it by
+.I n
+(assuming a scaling unit of
+.BR m ).
-.B \-B
-draws a box around the picture.
+By default,
+the picture is left-aligned.
-The optional
 .I width
 .I height
-can also be given to resize the picture.
+arguments resize the picture.
 .B PE
-Picture end.
-Ends a picture for
+Picture end;
 .MR @g@pic @MAN1EXT@ .
 .BI PF\  \fR[\fParg\fR]\fP
 Page footer.
@@ -2832,7 +2851,7 @@ The default argument is
-\[dq]\[aq]\[aq]- % -\[aq]\[aq]\[dq]
+\[dq]\[aq]\[aq]\- % \-\[aq]\[aq]\[dq]
@@ -2842,20 +2861,19 @@ which gives the page number between two dashes.
 This macro defines string
 .BR TPh .
 .B PS
-Picture start (from pic).
-Begins a picture for
+Picture start; see
 .MR @g@pic @MAN1EXT@ .
 .B PX
 Page header user-defined exit.
 This macro is called just after the printing of the page header in
-.I no-space
+no-space mode.
@@ -4375,9 +4393,18 @@ A scaling unit should be appended.
 The default
 .RB is\~ \&.75i
-on terminal devices and
+on terminal devices.
+On typesetters,
+it is
 .B \&.963i
-on typesetters.
+or set to
+.B 1i
+by the
+.I papersize.tmac
+.MR groff_tmac @MAN5EXT@ .
@@ -4542,14 +4569,20 @@ Default is 5n.
 .B W
 defines the \[lq]width\[rq]
-(line length)
-of the document,
-and must be set from the command line.
+of the document
+(that is,
+the length of an output line with no indentation);
+it must be set from the command line.
 A scaling unit should be appended.
 The default
-.RB is\~ 6i .
+.RB is\~ 6i
+or assigned by the
+.I papersize.tmac
+.MR groff_tmac @MAN5EXT@ .

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