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[Groff] Re: how to turn off -msafer

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: [Groff] Re: how to turn off -msafer
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 15:55:07 GMT

   > > I'm the Debian maintainer for groff, and the main (and only)
   > > responsible for your problem.
   > May I ask you for a diff from plain groff-1.11a to your current
   > debian version?  I can then apply the patches to the repository.

   Here it is.  It's basically the diff you find in Debian sources,
   purged from all the debian packaging stuff (except the changelog,
   which you probably would read).  It contains also some other
   changes made for porting problems and/or for compatibility with
   other programs (aegis).

I've almost all already applied, thanks.  One thing I'm currently
hesitating to do is the -S vs. -U stuff concerning -msafer.  I want to
hear your opinions on this subject whether this is something to be
definitely done...

   There are also changes on the man pages (a full new one).

Extracted, corrected, added to the CVS repository.

   Does your request mean that groff will be maintained again?

Yes :-)

   That would be greater.  If so, please add
   <address@hidden> to the mailing list you think I should
   follow (like announces for new groff releases, or discussions of
   bugs ... )

We have three lists (bug-groff@, groff@, groff-commit@), anonymous
access to the CVS repository, ...

May I ask to download the latest snapshot (not today but tomorrow!)
and to read the files README, NEWS, etc. for more details?

It is available from

(this is in Munich).



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