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[Groff] Re: address@hidden: Re: latin2 support for groff]

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: [Groff] Re: address@hidden: Re: latin2 support for groff]
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999 15:17:25 GMT


I have received your patch regarding latin-2.  It looks quite nice,
and it should be easy to integrate it into the current groff CVS
repository.  What's missing is documentation!  I can't speak Polish,
and in all files English headers should be used (e.g. in so
that poor guys like me also have an idea what's going on.

Doing another quick look it seems that patches to gxditview are
missing -- a switch must be added to make gxditview select a latin-2
FontMap.  Everything else is probably a hack, isn't it?

Support for PS output is also missing... 

BTW, it seems to me that some 8-bit characters haven't survived the
email transport.  May I ask you to send the patch again, gzipped and
uuencoded, to address@hidden  Then other people who are on this
list (including Ted, the other maintainer of groff) can comment on
your changes also.

A main question remains: Is this the right way to extend groff for
non-latin1 scripts?  What should we do for, say, latin-3?  I believe
the only clean solution is to separate font encodings resp. input
encodings from output devices.  I really don't know yet how to do that
in a backwards compatible way.

I'm quite willing to add your code so we all can collect experience,
but it need some polishing (what a nice pun :-) from you.


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