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[Groff] Re: improved

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: [Groff] Re: improved
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 1999 21:10:16 GMT

> Here are some more bug fixes to the html driver.  I've been working
> though your email, still no -P-a switch, definitely the next to do.
> But I thought I'd better fix existing code before adding new code.

I've applied your patch, thanks.  The -r switch is really nice!

> What are your thoughts about using png format by default - is it
> likely that we can assume people will be using gs with png devices
> present?  I guess the better solution would be to include this in
> the auto configuration?

I think png is the right choice.

Just two things:

. It would be nice to have anti-aliased png images (i.e. with
  graylevels).  This is not an urgent thing...

. I think that the handling of headers and footers is not optimal or
  even buggy.  [I doubt whether headers and footers are useful at all
  in an HTML document (if -P-a is implemented I suggest to suppress it
  by default).]

  The left, middle, and right part are squeezed, separated by a single
  space; for example, I get

    man(1) Manual pager utils man(1)

  instead of

    man(1)            Manual pager utils             man(1)

  which looks quite strange.


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