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[Groff] Re: Groff beta website.

From: Eddie Maddox
Subject: [Groff] Re: Groff beta website.
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 03:57:46 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 2 Nov 1999, Bernhard Reiter wrote:

> Hi Edma,
my user name on

> just saw your beta groff webpage.

> So you are setteled in.
> Here my ground hints for good webdesign:
> -Always have backlink and a last modification date
ease of navigation. currency of information.

> -Use the Email address as Text for the Mailto link. A lot of people
> don't use the browser to do their email and want to copy the address.
and the name itself is linked to that person's web site. More later.

> - Have a title
of course.

> - Don't usually use <center>  
> - Use structural elements instead of typographical ones. 

OK, folks. Listen up. This is important. This is part of transitioning to
XML, in addition to just plain good coding practice. In case you missed
that, the next step after grohtml is groxhtml. (I hope I'm not stepping on
any toes with my big, clumsy mouth.)

I've been wanting to get a read on this from you all. Now seems as good a
time as any. Has XML, in any form, been discussed as a growth path for

> Good to see some progress!  Can't wait for the groff webpages. 
>       Bernhard -- Research Assistant, Geog Dept UM-Milwaukee, USA. 
> (  Free Software Projects and Consulting
> (  Association for a Free Informational Infrastructure
> ( 

Thanks for the pointers. Several good lists of tips and guidelines out
there, including tips on BAD web design, too. Glad your list is shorter
for starters.

I expect to follow the GNU/FSF Web Site Guidelines. I like them. I like
their site, too. Good model of very good design. Comments? Anyone?

Gaius and I are working on 1. his getting code polished up, 2. me trying
it out. Both will take a bit yet. I'll let all know when I've got
something small to show that just demos the basic grohtml stuff. OK?

I've got DSL coming any day. If all goes well (I get up to speed on
ethernet/LAN stuff, for example) that will be nice.

Got my 486 box running since Sunday eve. Had disabled all BIOS ROM
shadowing except one region that only had "cache" available as the
alternative to "shadow". Left that region at "shadow", but had disabled
shadow area write protection. Was getting hits (segmentation faults and
such) at somewhat random times with a couple different distributions.

I set that region to "cache". No hits since. This all cost me a day or two
to figure out. (I understand Linux requires ALL ROM shadowing to be
disabled. Linux has it's own drivers for most kinds of devices. Shadowing
interferes with that somehow.)

I intend to use the 486 as my stable "production" machine when the DSL
comes. My AMD K6 will be for "laboratory" work, like compiling groff,
evaluating distros, testing boot floppies for Debian, whatever. 

Eddie Maddox

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