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Re: [Groff] Help with umlauts

From: Nicola Bernardini
Subject: Re: [Groff] Help with umlauts
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 08:16:49 +0200 (CEST)

Yesterday, Bates, Rod schrieb:

> I have an old input file and its corresponding .ps file, both of
> which came to me from long ago and far away.  I can get groff 
> to regenerate the .ps, except it complains about a few occurrences
> of umlauted characters.  For example, in the input file, there
> is a \*U which shows as capital U with umlaut in the original
> .ps file.  Using groff, I get the message: 
> warning: can't find special character `U:' 

> What do I need to do to get these characters? 

Yesterday, address@hidden schrieb:

> Presumably the file's creator wanted to simplfy typing by defining
>   .ds U \(U:
> so that \*U is equivalent to \(U:, and so on.
> For more details, and for other accents (acute, grave, circumflex,
> cedilla, etc) have a look right at the end of the tmac.s file
> (under the '.AM' macro).

Maybe I'm mistaken, but I've been a troff user for some time now (>15 y.?)
and I remember that when I shifted from DWB troff to groff (a great
shift, that goes without saying), I found out that all accents and
dieresis marcs, cedillas, etc. are inverted under groff. That is:

    ditroff              groff
    \(a`                 \('a
    \(U:                 \(:U
    \(c,                 \(,c
    etc.                 etc.

So I had to filter text in oder to put the correct accents. Could
this be the same problem?


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