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[Groff] ms versus mm macros

From: Pragnesh Sampat
Subject: [Groff] ms versus mm macros
Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2000 17:02:39 -0400


I am new to groff.  I have an internal document here in ms macros, but I am
wondering if I should use the mm macros instead.  It seems to have nicer
features, at least for code displays (VERBON/VERBOFF) and seems to be a
superset of ms macros.

For example, I am currently using pipeline:

% cat file | pic | tbl | eqn | groff -ms -U >

(The -U is for .PSPIC macro to include a logo.)

For code displays, I am using the following macros (I realize that I could use
the DS, DE commands):

.\" troff macros for code start/stop
.de CS
.ps -2
.ft CW

.de CE
.ps +2

The output is ok, but I would like to have more control like line numbers,
etc. without having to do it in troff myself.  So I am thinking maybe using mm
is better.  I am also curious about what are your experiences with either of

I am using Redhat Linux 6.2, groff version 1.15.



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