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[Groff] groff v1.16.1

From: M.K. Laha
Subject: [Groff] groff v1.16.1
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 09:21:12 +0530


i just downloaded and compiled v1.16.61. no problems. the postscript
fonts seem better compared to what they were in v1.11, which i have been
using so far. and at last groff seems to be having some documentation!

my main interest, though, in v1.16 is the html output capability. i
compiled the pic documentation into html. the text part is fine but the
pictures seem to be having a problem. every picture is displaced upward
relative to its png window. as a result some of the pictures are not
visible at all (the png window is completely blank) and others only
partly (the lower part of the png window is blank). the same is true of
equations, which i tried from another document.

what could i be doing wrong?

thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions.

- manas laha

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