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[Groff] some questions on mm

From: Charles Stroom
Subject: [Groff] some questions on mm
Date: Tue, 01 May 2001 23:39:40 +0200

I am not sure this list is the right forum, because I am using groff
as distributed by SuSE 7.1, which is v 1.16.1.  I have been using roff
for some time on Unices and switched to Linux under SuSE 6.1 and now to

Normally I use the mm macros and I have found two peculiarities on the
Linux versions:

- it seems, that notwithstanding any PGFORM setting, I have to modify
  the /usr/share/groff/font/devps/DESC file to get A4 used fully
  (i.e.  the "paperlength 792000" statement).
- the other point is that the first line on the page with mm is way
  beyond the page top edge.  I have removed the "' sp 3" line in the
  ".de address@hidden" macro of the tmac.m file, but even so, the first
  line appears at nearly 2.5 cm from top.  (Without removal, it is
  even lower!)

If an answer is known, I would appreciate.  Thanks

Charles Stroom

email: address@hidden

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