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AW: [Groff] Problem with Print Command (Groff) in TKGnats

From: Mostafa Essaadi
Subject: AW: [Groff] Problem with Print Command (Groff) in TKGnats
Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 12:48:50 +0200

Hi Ralph,

> I have installed Gnats 3.113 on the Unix Sun machine and Tkgnats on
> the clients windows machine.  I 've tried to print a Problem Report
> with TKgnats program, i became this Stack Trace for Error:
>  couldn't execute "groff": no such file or directory
>      while executing
>  "open "|groff -t -T$Print(Format) $TkGnats(MsMacroSet) |

Looks like groff couldn't be found using the PATH the program was
running with.  Is it installed on your Sun machine?

No it is not installed on the Sun machine, it's installed only on the
clients windows machine where the Tkgnats works. Should I install Groff on
both of them??
On the documentation of Groff for windows is this not signed!

Can Tkgnats be configured to use troff, which may be present, instead
of GNU troff's groff? -----> I don't know

The Gnats/Tkgnats people can probably tell you more about Tkgnats

Thanks Ralph,

M. Essaadi

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