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[Groff] problem with installation of groff

From: Per Dalum Jensen
Subject: [Groff] problem with installation of groff
Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2001 14:23:40 +0200

After direct installation of groff 1.17 on a SPARC Solaris without doing any 
modifications I have a problem with the grohtml driver. 

The binaries installs in /usr/local/bin and groff seems to work without 
problems, but -Thtml do not work. It complains that pre-grohtml do not exists. 
If I then copy the gpre-grohtml (which is in the /usr/local/bin dir) into 
pre-grohtml the program now complains that gtroff do not exist even though it 
does. The permissions etc are the same for all the groff files. 

Can anyone give me a pointer to a possible problem here?



Per Dalum Jensen

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