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[Groff] tbl bug[s]

From: Larry McVoy
Subject: [Groff] tbl bug[s]
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 12:40:53 -0700

This is in groff-1.15, if someone can tell me it is already fixed I'll
promptly upgrade.

Take the following table and groff -t it and you will see two things:

a) The baseline for the text in the T{ }T is different from the other 

b) The T{ }T changes the font.  If I lift the .ft above the table then
   it does not but that strikes as the wrong thing.

.ps 16
.vs 18
expand box;
.ft HB
Qty     Description     Price   Total 
.ps -2
.vs -2
.sp .5
XX      T{
 Some text Some text Some
T}      $1,550  $27,900
XX      Some text Some text Some        $1,550  $27,900

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