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Re: [Groff] Newbie - I can't remeber how to run troff anymore

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: [Groff] Newbie - I can't remeber how to run troff anymore
Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2001 10:12:53 +0200 (CEST)

> Here are the list of errors:
> eqn:chap2.trf:318:fatal error: nested .EQ
> :0: macro error: diversion open while ejecting page (recovering)
> In what follows is the part of the text in which the above error occurs:
> [...]

This code snippet doesn't produce an error if processed with the ms
macros.  The error must be somewhere else.  Am I right that you
haven't used groff ten years ago?  Then you should try the `-C' flag
to activate compatibility mode with UNIX troff.  Maybe this helps.

> chap1.trf:712: numeric overflow
> chap1.trf:712: addition overflow
> chap1.trf:573: numeric overflow
> chap1.trf:573: numeric overflow

The context is needed to analyze these warnings.

> eqn:chap7.trf:1005: illegal input character code `13'

This is harmless (but annoying, I know).  Simply remove the ^M
character from that line.

> chap6.trf:185: warning: `PG' not defined
> chap6.trf:189: warning: `EP' not defined

Hmm, what macros are you using?

> chap6.trf:207: warning: `G1' not defined
> chap6.trf:216: warning: `G2' not defined

Aah, you need grap.  This is available from

You can always say `grog <your_file>' to test which preprocessors and
which macro package you need.  It will fail for some recent mdoc
files, though, due to the improved syntax of mdoc.

> chap5.trf:376: macro error: bad arguments to PS (not preprocessed
> with pic?)

Have you used pic? :-)


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