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[Groff] Announce: Grap-1.20

From: Kees Zeelenberg
Subject: [Groff] Announce: Grap-1.20
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 22:46:49 +0200

Grap version 1.20 compiled with DJGPP is available from
and its mirrors.
Grap is an implementation of Kernighan and Bentley's grap
language for typesetting graphs. It provides such services as automatic scaling
and labeling of axes, and for statements, if statements, and macros to 
facilitate user
Grap is intended primarily for including graphs in documents prepared with 
Groff and LaTeX,
and is only marginally useful for elementary tasks in data analysis.
Grap works as preprocessor for Pic (part of the Groff package), and outputs Pic 
Pic can output Groff or LaTeX statements, and so Grap can work with Groff and 
both of which have DJGPP ports.

Kees Zeelenberg

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