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[Groff] make install a Prerequisite for cd doc && make?

From: Ralph Corderoy
Subject: [Groff] make install a Prerequisite for cd doc && make?
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2001 17:34:24 +0100


With current CVS I find following INSTALL's instructions WRT `cd doc &&
make' fails.

    GROFF_TMAC_PATH=../tmac; \
    export GROFF_TMAC_PATH; \
    sed -e "s;@VERSION@;`cat ../VERSION``sed -e 's/^0$//' -e
        's/^[1-9].*$/.&/' ../REVISION`;" \
    | ../src/roff/groff/groff -p -e -t -Thtml -F../font -U -ms >homepage.html
    ../src/roff/groff/groff: couldn't exec pre-grohtml: No such file or
    ../src/roff/groff/groff: couldn't exec post-grohtml: No such file
        or directory
    make: *** [homepage.html] Error 4

Presumably I need to `./configure && make all install' before this will

--- INSTALL     22 Sep 2000 16:09:22 -0000      1.5
+++ INSTALL     14 Jul 2001 16:23:58 -0000
@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@
 To get PostScript versions of the documentation resp. reference files
 for the `me' macros and the `pic' preprocessor, simply say `make' in
-the `doc' subdirectory.
+the `doc' subdirectory after the newly-built groff has been installed.
 If you have problems, read the PROBLEMS file.  If this doesn't help
 send a bug report using the form in the file BUG-REPORT.


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