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[Groff] Cyrillic (cp1251) support for groff -Tps

From: Stoyan Genov
Subject: [Groff] Cyrillic (cp1251) support for groff -Tps
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 14:06:37 +0300

Hi, all.

I have just subscribed to the list and this is my first posting,
so don't spell flames on me if the topic has been discussed already :)
(though I searched the subjects in the mailman archive listings and
couldn't find anything related)

I need to convert texts encoded in cp1251 to PostScript.
I have PostScript (Type1) fonts.

I don't understand how to tell groff to use a specific PostScript
font when converting to PostScript.
Should I convert the PostScript font with afmtodit, or it is enough
to list it in the devps/download file. If I need to convert it, is
the file devps/text.enc _the_ encoding file I need, or I need another ?

Thank you for your time. Any help will be highly appretiated.

Stoyan Genov <address@hidden>

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