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Re: [Groff] src/preproc/refer/ in CVS.

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: [Groff] src/preproc/refer/ in CVS.
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 05:41:22 +0200 (CEST)

> I've just looked at configure and it searches for byacc and bison
> before defaulting to yacc.  You don't have bison either I guess?

I have bison, I have yacc -- but not byacc.  Maybe it's time to
install it...
> If all three work then isn't it OK to assume the machine compiling the
> source will have one of them?

OK, here is what Nelson Beebe writes about yacc:

>> ...
>>      These programs have been built, tested, and validated with two
>>      independent lexers (flex and lex), and three independent
>>      parser generators (bison, byacc, and yacc), using all
>>      available C and C++ compilers on these 11 UNIX systems for the
>>      1.04 release: 413 successful builds, and 49 failures.
>>      While the large number of successful builds is gratifying, the
>>      failures are potentially even more important if they can be
>>      traced to deficiencies in my code. Close examination of the
>>      build logs shows that they are not: they are entirely due to
>>      one of the following:
>>            * Code from lex/flex and/or bison/byacc/yacc which is
>>              not C++-compatible; there is no excuse for such vendor
>>              sloppiness, but it exists. C has had an ANSI/ISO
>>              Standard since December 1989, and the draft standard
>>              was stable at least two years before that, so the
>>              target language has been publicly defined for about a
>>              dozen years. All C-Standard-conforming code should
>>              compile without problems under C++ (barring use of C++
>>              reserved words).
>>            * Lack of compiler support for the non-standard stack
>>              memory allocator, alloca(), used in bison-generated
>>              code.
>>            * Internal compiler errors (e.g., lcc on NeXT and
>>              SGI IRIX 6.x systems).
>>            * Broken vendor-provided yacc (SGI IRIX 5.3).
>>            * Broken vendor-provided header file, alloca.h (pgCC).
>>              A bug report about this to the vendor, The Portland
>>              Group (, produced a prompt
>>              response with the following patch:
>>              ....
>> ...

Nelson has installed groff on a great variety of platforms, and the
code seems to work without problems.

> It just seems a bit of a kludge to ship yacc source but not expect
> it to be used and to have to keep both the pic, eqn, and refer *.y's
> and their *.cc's in step.

As soon as I get byacc I'll compare the output with the current files
in the CVS.  If the results are about to be identical, I'll remove the
affected CC files from the CVS.


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