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RE: [Groff] Re: Printing from groff in cygwin

From: Ted Harding
Subject: RE: [Groff] Re: Printing from groff in cygwin
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 09:35:52 +0100 (BST)

On 30-Jul-01 M.K. Laha wrote:
>> The only way I know is to open a DOS-prompt,
>> change to the appropriate directory, and then
>>   copy output_file LTP1:
> It might be more appropriate to try
>    copy output_file LTP1: /b
> the /b telling "copy" to proceed in "binary mode", that is, to copy
> verbatim. Otherwise "copy" replaces a bare \n with \r\n as it sends the
> file to the printer, I think.

For PostScript this should not matter. According to the language
definition, the standard input character set for PS is the printable
subset of ASCII (codes 32-126) plus tab and "newline", where "newline"
means CR (r) or LF (\n) or CRFLF (\r\n) -- all are translated into
"newline" by the PS input interpreter.

Binary data (e.g. graphics) are input as ASCII representations of the
HEX codes, so the same applies.

However, for other printer languages there may be a difference in effect
between CR, LF and CRLF (you have to look at the language definition),
and the printer may also accept "raw binary" for graphics which may
well include the code for \n as part of the data, and in that case
M.K. Laha's tip should be noted.


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