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Re: [Groff] pdfmark strikes back + general script/groff handshake

From: Carlos J. G. Duarte
Subject: Re: [Groff] pdfmark strikes back + general script/groff handshake
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 11:58:14 +0000
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Hi there,

Sigfrid Lundberg - LUB NetLab wrote:


manuscript catalogue I'm building). I've got two problems with this, the
first being that I don't understand what in the scripts that generates the
anchor text and what embeds the URI:

 .ds pdfref-1 ps: exec [ /Rect [145610 u 89240 u 313860 u 96140 u] \
                         /Border [0 0 \\n[wid]] \
                         /Action << /Subtype /URI /URI (\\$1) >> \
                         /Subtype /Link \
                         /ANN pdfmark'\c

Well, I took some shortcuts to WL's solution. These shortcuts make the solution somehow simpler, but messier in some sense (can't win them all!) One of the cuts was those pdfref-1 strings... I take the fact the references are output by the .PSHREF macro, so the script searches for this text (^\.PSHREF) and when it finds, it outputs the PS inline code. So things get automatized and we don't need to maintain those DS strings.

Now, the small .PSHREF macro I've send was just a simple one for testing. That uses the same string both for text and anchor. The real PSHREF I'm using is this (the script will continue to work with no change):

.de PSHREF      \" HREF continuation_char NAME
.               \" exemplo: .PSHREF . "google"
.fam HN
.tm TM:pshref: \\$1
.ie !'\\$3'' \{\
.el \{\
.ie !'\\$2'' \&\\$2
.el \&

As for your second question, there is PDF support for internal links, but I've never used it. The inline PS code must be output in two phases, one to define the link and other to reference it. I've seen past posts on this list containing code and examples to do it in groff.

Hmm... I'm sure you can find it on google, but at the time I did save that stuff, so I'm now uploading it to this place:
you can find here groff code that suppost pdfmark stuff and three documents about PDF from adobe (one PDF reference and two on PDFMARK). None of this stuff is mine, and I didn't change the files in anyway (I think!).

best regards,

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