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[Groff] List labels in mom

From: Blake McBride
Subject: [Groff] List labels in mom
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 14:18:33 -0500


I'm finally getting into mom.  It's really nice!

I use a lot of lists.  As I looked into mom's list abilities in
terms of the labels I had a few needs as follows.

First of all I think there needs to be more choices (in enumerated
lists) than numbers (1, 2, 3) and lower case letters (a, b, c).
I'd like to see uppercase letters (A, B, C) and roman numerals
(i, ii, iii) as well as (I, II, III) added to the options for list labels.

Along similar lines, when creating a multi-level list, the system
should go through all the combinations (and then even repeat them)
rather then going to astrix.

It would also be nice to specify this preference (the order of level label options)
globally or at least at the start of the list.

The second issue relates to the addition of a pre-fix string to complement
the supplied suffix-string associated to list labels.  For example, mom


but doesn't allow:


It would be great to see this stuff and thanks for a great system.


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