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[Groff] Introduction

From: D. E. Evans
Subject: [Groff] Introduction
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 07:57:38 -0600 (MDT)

Considering all the discussion my simple (but unfortunately not
explained) query has caused, I think a note of introduction is in
order.  My name is David, usually called Sinuhe in GNU Project
circles.  I have been your (the GNU Project's) chief webmaster since
2003, but have turned the reigns over to another so I can change
my focus to the groff project.  I've been in the computer industry
for a long time considering my young age.  My use of GNU and OpenBSD
come from my personal conversations with Richard Stallman and Theo
de Raadt, both of which have been amazingly cordial and insightful.

I have been using GNU since 1996, and OpenBSD since 2000, so to
the latter I am relatively new.  My specialities are in XML, and
documentation markup, if my webmaster position didn't make that
obvious.  I know some scheme, C, and C++, but not so much as to
consider myself anything but a novice.  I have just been made a
developer of the groff project to assist with your documentation,
and with the texinfo manual, (and perhaps your website?).

Specifically regarding OpenBSD, and the technical aspects of
installing texinfo and groff.  First of all, I would not be so
careless as to install anything to the base system without care,
and evaluation before hand.  If the resident OpenBSD officiando
wishes to debate the technical aspects of my configuration off list,
I would be glad to engage him, though I personally am confident in
my own reasonings.  However, though I have come to expect arrogance
and presumption on the OpenBSD list (not suggesting such from
Zvezdan: he and I have no quarrel), I also find it to be anti-social,
and simply emotionally unbridled (if not hypocritical!).  The OpenBSD
mailing list guidelines have never suggested such behaviour, nor
have I ever experienced such from Theo, (though unfortunately, I
will admit I have been known to dish some of it out on the www-discuss
mailing list during times of impatience).  Thank you for all of
your patience, technical responses, and warm welcome!

Second (for those counting), I would never have installed to a
mission critical system the way I did.  I needed the new version
of texinfo and groff for the sake of development, and I was simply
curious as to how OpenBSD would handle it.  Yes, I could have jumped
through the hoops to make a package for both, since one does not
currently exist, but I purposely wanted to see the havic it would
cause, and how groff handled under OpenBSD, considering its particular
configurations, and that was the one problem (the escape sequences
with the manual) that I didn't seem able to configure with groff
at compile time, (though I wouldn't be surprised that I overlooked

My interest in groff comes from my interest in traditional
documentation systems.  My interest in OpenBSD comes from the
fact that it *works* and my interest in GNU is philosophical.

Finally, to answer some of the basic questions on the list about
me.  I'm not new to mailing lists, but have written some docs on
netiquette and (about) the relevant rfcs over the years.  I'm a
native speaker of English, though I suspect only a couple of
generations ago I would have been a native Welsh speaker (if my name
didn't give that away).  I'm not trained in CS, but have found my
way to computers through my use of them.  My university
specialities are actually in philosophy and literature, with a
specialized interest in linguistic etymology, (especially with
English, German, and somewhat with Welsh).  However, I've spent
my years employed in the computer industry.

Regarding the groff documentation, I would like to spend some
time getting to know of all you, getting a feel for this list and
this project, before diving into working on improving our
documentation.  Your suggestions--warm or coldly technical,
scathingly critical or gently suggestive--are welcome and needed
so that I can serve you best.
D. E. Evans (aka Sinuhe) <address@hidden>

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