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[Groff] Need help with pdfmark

From: Larry Kollar
Subject: [Groff] Need help with pdfmark
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2010 14:12:43 -0400

I've been successfully using pdfmark to generate PDFs with bookmarks for some 
time now, no problem. Now I'm trying to make my cross-references into actual 
PDF links, and that's where I'm running into trouble. Part of the problem, I 
suppose, is the part of the pdfmark documentation I need has not been written. 
:-) The other part is that I'm trying to graft this feature into an existing 
process, so I can't just rip it out and start over with pdfroff.

My current cross-reference generation consists of a macro XRT to define a 
target based on the text and page of a heading immediately preceding:

.de XRT
.if \\n[TocGen] \{\
. tm XREF: xref:\\$1:txt \\*[xref:HDtxt]
. tm XREF: xref:\\$1:pg \\*[xref:HDpg]
.ie '\\*[.T]'html' .TAG \\$1
.el .pdfhref M -N \\$1

The strings "xref:HDtxt" and "xref:HDpg" are defined by the heading macro. The 
argument to XRT was essentially a named destination tag to begin with.

Here's my big problem: the aux-file is full of entries like:

grohtml-info:page 170  353411  517000  355611  530398  540000    1  1  

And I don't see anywhere in pdfmark.tmac where it outputs this particular 
string. I'm guessing this is a hotspot definition, but the string 
"grohtml-info" doesn't appear anywhere in pdfmark.tmac. I've looked at the 
pdfroff script but it's not helping much.

What I need is a more generalized setup and some output I understand, then I 
could perhaps pipe it back in and go from there.

-- Larry

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