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[Groff] Re: Groff, Grohtml and Encodings

From: Anton Shepelev
Subject: [Groff] Re: Groff, Grohtml and Encodings
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2010 16:40:05 +0400


>   1.  I  tried to define glyphs for the characters
>       reported in the abovementioned warnings,  in
>       the ...\fontevhtml\r file like this:
>       [...]

Now  I  am  trying to understand a very simple case:
for the latin1 device, no font definition contains a
glyph  named  [`A],  while  it  is  this  glyph that
[char192] maps to (by latin1.tmac). And  this  works
correctly  without  any warning messages. Where does
groff take the definition for this glyph?


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