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[Groff] ms.tmac .HD written to footer instead of header

From: Cedric Sodhi
Subject: [Groff] ms.tmac .HD written to footer instead of header
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2010 11:09:17 +0200

Hello fellow g'roffers,

I use the ms.tmac macros as a "lightweight" and focused alternative to the full 
fledged me.tmac. On a sidenode, I'm rather new to groff, so if someone could 
correct me on that assumption that me is nothing but a completer version of ms, 
please do so.

My issue is that I define the .HD macro as described in the documentation (with 
\l'6i' or anything for that matter), but it's printed just before the footer, 
rather than just after the header.

Example with groff -ek -Tps -m ms


.de HD
.ti 0

Why is that and if that's not a bug, is there any "hook-like" macro which adds 
stuff after the header?

Thank you
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