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[Groff] Clean install of groff (cvs): gropdf not in path

From: Axel Kielhorn
Subject: [Groff] Clean install of groff (cvs): gropdf not in path
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2012 10:52:36 +0200


I wanted to look at the new mom macros and installed groff from cvs.
I was a little surprised that the pdf files in contrib/mom/examples were all 0 
bytes long.

And here is the reason:

PDFMOM_BIN_PATH=/Users/axel/src/groff/src/devices/gropdf; export 
PDFMOM_BIN_PATH; /Users/axel/src/groff/src/devices/gropdf/pdfmom 
-F/Users/axel/src/groff/font -F/Users/axel/src/groff/font 
-M/Users/axel/src/groff/tmac -M/Users/axel/src/groff/tmac -M. 
examples/ >examples/typesetting.pdf

groff: couldn't exec gropdf: No such file or directory

PDFMOM_BIN_PATH is set to call pdfmom.
pdfmom calles gropdf without the PDFMOM_BIN_PATH and fails when gropdf is not 
in $PATH.
If you installed groff with gropdf earlier it is found in $PATH, but the 
version used is not the current version.

When you install groff and call make again, nothing happens since the zero 
length file already exist. You have to delete the pdf files and the stamp and 


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