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Re: [Groff] Build groff from CVS - afmtodit not found

From: Johann Höchtl
Subject: Re: [Groff] Build groff from CVS - afmtodit not found
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2012 18:31:05 +0200
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On 09/16/2012 06:18 PM, Deri James wrote:
On Sunday 16 Sep 2012 17:44:09 Werner LEMBERG wrote:
Warning: line 78: Failed to create groff font 'U-AB' by running

This means that the URW versions of the standard Postscript fonts are
either not installed or located in a directory not found by a building
script.  We are aware of this problem, and this will be eventually

PS: I have a system-wide afmtodit in /usr/bin/afmtodit but I assume
this shouldn't be taken as afmtodit is part of groff?

Only groff has afmtodit.  Maybe it's an older version, but the above
error is not due to that.


I'm actually working on this at the moment and I've found that if you are
using debian (or possibly a debian derivative) and have the package "gsfonts"
installed the attached file solves the problem if you replace the
one from cvs in font/devpdf.

You are right, this is Kubuntu. After replacing, groff builds without issues.. Thank you!
I am still working on a more robust solution which will stop the make failing
if the required fonts are not found.



Dr. Johann Höchtl

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