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[Groff] Macro packages

From: trebol
Subject: [Groff] Macro packages
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2012 04:44:11 +0100
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> Perhaps you can use the \o escape to write the appropriate accent
> if you want to stick with ASCII. Therefore, you can write "year" as
> a\o'n~'o without people getting confused with the rear hatch of the
> human body. :)

Thanks  Luis,  but if I had to write and correct a 300 pages
spanish text in this way, this would be a real pain  in  the
"year".   Anyway  I think with -Tascii, the no ascii characā€
ters are omitted, so I have to  use  -Tutf8  and  then  this
characters  (-,  `,  ')  are changed, so I'm going to follow
the Anton's advise.  Now, I have to learn  a  easy  way   to
write  plain  ascii  in  ps/dvi devices, I suppose writing a
simple macro to  let  unchanged  the  characters  listed  in
groff_char.7.   I   see  in "Unix Tex Processing" the use of
Courier font for print code in the  "printout"  environment.
The  look  is  similar  but in copy and paste situations may
create nightmares.

Well, I have a lots of things to learn. Thanks to all.


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