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Re: [Groff] Back to the future

From: Keith Marshall
Subject: Re: [Groff] Back to the future
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2014 14:29:52 +0000
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I've kept out of this debate, until now, primarily because I've yet to
formulate a defined opinion as to where I stand.  However, I would like
to contribute a couple of pennyworth, at this juncture.

On 06/03/14 13:21, Ingo Schwarze wrote:
[...mostly snipped...]

>> The logical flow isn't groff => XSL-FO, it's XSL-FO => groff.
> And that is exactly where i respectfully disagree with Eric.

As do I.

> It is about neither, XML and XSLT and related technologies do not
> come into the picture *at all*.  I consider XML and XSLT and friends
> to be among the more unpleasant examples of overengineering haunting 
> today's software industry.

Hear, hear!  I have had occasion to flirt with XML technologies, in the
recent past; I have come to the conclusion that they represent a group
of over-hyped, over-(ab)used fad technologies.

Eric, apparently, espouses a vision of an SGML-centric world.  I can
respect that, even though I do not share it; thankfully, from my POV,
that vision is unlikely to be realized in my lifetime -- the printed
page will not die out that soon!

SGML technologies certainly have their place, but while they continue to
generate disgustingly laid out, barely legible, and just downright
broken output, such as this example:

from Eric's own stable, I suspect that the continued future of page
oriented formats remains assured.


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