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Re: [Groff] Add --with-doc configuration option

From: Steffen Nurpmeso
Subject: Re: [Groff] Add --with-doc configuration option
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2014 12:05:00 +0100
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Hello Werner,

Werner LEMBERG <address@hidden> wrote:
 |> But the FSFology will not make me sign something that is not legal,
 |> which is admitted by even the FSFE itself [...]
 |Well, it would probably have no influence to the jurisdiction in
 |Germany, but it would have a value for the FSF in the US...

Yes, but, just as i've written you privately, i'm *totally* afraid
of U.S. law, and these guys have so much power, it's noxious.
And -- who am i?
Though it really wouldn't matter i guess since the U.S. would
never let me in, because i really hate their politics and even
some of their human beings (but hey: you're not alone!), and
i would say so.

 |> Just in case you're interested in the thing itself: i don't need
 |> to see my name somewhere, i just want the functionality, and so
 |> i'm hereby placing the attached patch in the public domain if that
 |> is possible, therefore donating it to GNU Troff.
 |You are aware that US `public domain' doesn't exist in Germany, right?
 |To cite
 |  Nach deutschem und österreichischem Recht ist umstritten, ob ein
 |  Totalverzicht auf das Urheberrecht zugunsten der Allgemeinheit
 |  möglich ist.  Die wohl herrschende Meinung schließt dies unter
 |  Berufung auf § 29 UrhG-D bzw. § 19 UrhG-Ö aus.  Daher gibt es dort
 |  keine Gemeinfreiheit durch Rechteverzicht wie in den USA, wo auf
 |  alle Rechte verzichtet werden kann und das Public-Domain-Werk den
 |  gleichen Status besitzt wie ein noch nie oder nicht mehr geschütztes
 |  Werk.  [...]
 |Your `public domain' declaration is thus as good as signing the FSF
 |assignment. :-)

..I still have redemption songs.

 |Maybe there is a solution to the problem.  To cite

Light beyond the horizon!

 |  If a contributor is reluctant to sign a copyright assignment for a
 |  change, a copyright disclaimer to put the change in the public
 |  domain is acceptable as well.
 |I'll send you such a disclaimer form – maybe you can accept this.

Fantastic news!  Yes i can, and i'll do so this afternoon!

 |    Werner


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