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[Groff] Installing new fonts in MOM/Groff using

From: Yves Cloutier
Subject: [Groff] Installing new fonts in MOM/Groff using
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2014 19:17:51 -0400


I'm rather new to Groff and using the MOM macros written by Peter Schaffter.

I was rather unsuccessful using the step by stem manual method of

However trying to install a new font using the script, I
have not been any more successful.

For example if I run:

sudo ./ -s -F Rawlinson -f +R RawlinsonTwo.otf

I get the following:

ln: target ‘/tmp/install-font/RawlinsonTwo.otf’ is not a directory

My groff directory is: /usr/share/groff

therefore I use the -s option. I want to give it the Family name Rawlinson,
and -f +R since I am installing the regular font, my font file being
RawlinsonTwo.otf is the filename of the font I want to install.

If anyone has had success, or ran into the same problem as I, I would love
to know what worked for you.



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