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Re: [Groff] Strange error messages from Groff 1.22.3

From: Keith Marshall
Subject: Re: [Groff] Strange error messages from Groff 1.22.3
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2014 19:33:58 +0000
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On 20/11/14 18:47, Werner LEMBERG wrote:
>>> Sorry for the delayed answer.  Your patch looks fine, and I'm going
>>> to apply it soon.  Thanks a lot.
>> Great, thanks.  Now I can publish the binary with that patch and
>> claim that it was accepted upstream.
> Now committed, with minor fixes.

Thanks, Werner; and thanks also to Eli, for maintaining what is
effectively a MinGW port of groff.

Out of curiosity, Eli, why did you find it necessary to move
stringclass.h to an earlier position in the include order?  Is it not a
symptom of either a flawed design, or an implementation fault, if that
matters?  Is there a MinGW issue which may need investigation?  Or is it
simply that you've introduced a dependency on stringclass.h within
lib.h?  (In which case, would it not have been better to have lib.h
itself include stringclass.h?)


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