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Re: [Groff] Setting Text Along A Curve

From: Robert Thorsby
Subject: Re: [Groff] Setting Text Along A Curve
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2015 20:09:06 +1100

On 16/01/15 19:56:33, Ted Harding wrote:
On 16-Jan-2015 01:48:52 Robert Thorsby wrote:
> I need to set some text (eg., Lorem Ipsum) along the arc of a curve (eg, a circle). The curve itself need not be visible.

It can certainly be done, in various ways (including pic, and PostScript tricks). However, there can be complications of detail to get it to look nice (e.g. when using fonts which are not constant-width).

At the moment I'm too short of time to write a proper account, but will produce something later this weekend.

Thank you Ted,

I don't particularly care if the solution requires a bit of trial and error in order to "get it to look nice" -- I'll regard it as a necessary self-flagellation penance for putting text along curves, instead of along straight lines where it belongs.

But proportional fonts would be nice. :-)

Why can't they make square CDs? Ooppss, I think you could once get rectangular ones. :-)

Cheers and thanks,

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