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[Groff] Times-Roman v. Nimbus Roman No9 L Regular.

From: Ralph Corderoy
Subject: [Groff] Times-Roman v. Nimbus Roman No9 L Regular.
Date: Tue, 03 May 2016 09:51:32 +0100


By default, groff uses Times Roman, as I'd expect.

    $ groff <<<'hello world!' | grep Times
    %%DocumentNeededResources: font Times-Roman
    %%IncludeResource: font Times-Roman
    /address@hidden ENC0/Times-Roman RE
    /F0 10/address@hidden SF(hello w)72 12 Q(orld!)-.1 E 0 Cg EP

But on most of our systems, that font's unavailable and another is used
in its place.

    $ fc-match Times-Roman
    n021003l.pfb: "Nimbus Roman No9 L" "Regular"
    $ says

    Although the characters are not exactly the same, Nimbus Roman No.
    9 L has metrics almost identical to Times

The "almost" niggles.  :-)

Running GhostScript's ps2pdf(1) embeds the Nimbus substitute, so even
those with Times won't see it.  (Unless the embedded font is a fallback;
I haven't examined the PDF enough to see;  `qpdf -qdf'.)

Should I be telling groff that I want to use those Nimbus fonts so it
uses their metrics rather than the "almost identical" Times' ones?

Cheers, Ralph.

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