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[Groff] gpresent (presentation macros) forked

From: Robin Haberkorn
Subject: [Groff] gpresent (presentation macros) forked
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2017 04:09:38 +0100
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just wanted to inform you that I forked the gpresent macros by Bob Diertens:

I did this out of sheer necessity, as I needed to prepare a few
presentations. This fork contains a hard-to-find patch, so it runs with
recent versions of Groff and adds the TITLEFORMAT and SUBTITLEFORMAT
macros. I might add other features if I need to prepare more slides.
gropdf support would be nice I guess...

Best regards,

PS: Might be of interest for the curious: SciTECO recently introduced
its own Groff postprocessor/driver (grosciteco) which can render into a
SciTECO buffer. This is used for SciTECO's integrated help system which
actually uses Groff as its markup language.

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