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Re: [groff] -ms(pdf) and Unicode

From: Bernhard Fisseni
Subject: Re: [groff] -ms(pdf) and Unicode
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2018 21:58:35 +0100

Hi Ralph,

Ralph Corderoy schrieb am 13.03.2018 um 20:53:
>> I was playing with pandoc's ms and man writer.
> ...
>> It (-f Termes) works well with -man, but with -ms, the two characters
>> are lost.
> Can you send a sample of the input to -ms that shows the problem?
> Then we know exactly what pandoc is dishing out.
Thank you, that set me on the right track. I thought that because of the
PDF behaviour, -ms butchered all Unicode, but it seems to do so only in
bookmarks.  The problem with pandoc was that it by default sets a font
family in the file so that specifying it on the groff command line is
useless.  (It can be specified on the pandoc command line, however.)
Because of the other problem and a system fontconfig substitution rule
that showed unembedded Times as TeX Gyre Termes (I should have tested
with another font, really), I was confused about what really happened.
Very sorry for the noise!

The problem of butchering Unicode in PDF bookmarks this only occurs with
-Tps, so that for
  .NH 2
  .XN "sp├Ąt"
one ends up with "sp[u00E4]t" in the PDF bookmarks.  The [:a] seems to
have been a remnant of an inadequate attempt so solve this, again very
sorry.  Using -Tpdf, I did not get any bookmarks last week, so I did not
try again this afternoon, but today I get beautiful Unicode bookmarks.
(With some warnings like "can't translate character code 228 to special
character ':a' in transparent throughput".)  Again my fault, probably.
(The failure last week, not the success this time.)

Thank you very much for setting me on the right track again,
Best regards,
Confused, but happy,


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