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Re: [groff] Release Candidate 1.22.4.rc2

From: Ingo Schwarze
Subject: Re: [groff] Release Candidate 1.22.4.rc2
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2018 20:05:48 +0200
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Salut Bertrand,

Bertrand Garrigues wrote on Thu, Mar 29, 2018 at 12:46:58AM +0200:

> Release candidate 1.22.4.rc2 is now available from GNU's alpha ftp.
> Compared to the previous releases (1.22.3.rc1) it includes the latest
> 2.3 version of 'mom' macro package, new features in 'gropdf' to generate
> presentation slides and several fixes.
> Notes:
> - The previous release was wrongly named 1.22.3.rc1 (it should have be a
>   1.22.4.rc1).  All the future RC will have a version and tag
>   1.22.4.rcX, and the final 1.22.4 version will be tagged 1.22.4.
> - Previously fonts and macro data was installed (by default) in
>   /usr/local/share/groff/<full version>.  Now a 'short version' is
>   defined that contains only the 3 numbers <major>.<minor>.<patch>, and
>   this 'short version' is used as the installation directory instead of
>   the full version.  The full version is still used in the various
>   scripts and binaries (for example 'groff --version' will return
>   'GNU groff version 1.22.4.rc2').

Thanks.  That seems to work here.

> The version can be downloaded here:
>  To build it and install it:
>   mkdir build
>   cd build
>   ../configure
>   make -j <number of core>
>   sudo make install

Tested in the framework of OpenBSD ports on OpenBSD 6.3-release,
which will be released in about two weeks.  Everything worked
perfectly.  I tested in particular:

 1. Download of
 2. Automatic application of local patches.
 3. Automatic ./configure.
 4. Automatic make.
 5. Automatic make install to fake area.
 6. Plusibility of packing list.
 7. Automatic packaging.
 8. Skimming the diff(1) of the build log for changes that look suspicious.
 9. Package installation.
 10. Package deinstallation.
 11. Package re-installation.
 12. Full mandoc test suite.
 13. Building one of my conference presentations with gpresent and -mm.
 14. Not just looking at, but also diffing the output files from step 11.

OpenBSD 6.3 still contains groff-1.22.3p8, we missed the deadline
for the release, but i will commit the update to OpenBSD-current
as soon as groff-1.22.4 is officially released, so it will be in
OpenBSD 6.4 this autumn.

> To uninstall it just do 'make uninstall'.

Not tested because it is not relevant on OpenBSD.

> You can also download and build the 1.22.4.rc2 from git:

Not tested because it is of less relevance at release time.
If the tarball is fine, the release is fine.  I sometimes test
building from git at other times, but at release time, testing
the tarball feels more important.

Thanks again for preparing the release so carefully,

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