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Re: [groff] Recent contrib/hdtbl changes may have broken it

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: [groff] Recent contrib/hdtbl changes may have broken it
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2018 07:56:14 -0500
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At 2018-11-07T01:47:29+0100, Bertrand Garrigues wrote:
> I've also added a rudimentary sanity check on these 2 hdtbl examples
> connected to 'make check'. It justs use 'gs -o /dev/null/
> -sDEVICE=bbox' and 'grep' to count the number of pages.  I'll also add
> something for the pdf examples (probably using 'pdftotex' and/or
> 'pdfinfo').

Thanks for this, and for the model example of how to write a test for
groff.  It's already stimulated some wicked ideas.  :)

Some of the shell stuff is not written defensively enough with respect
to, for instance, file paths that may contain spaces.  I'll commit an
improvement along those lines, if you don't mind.


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