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Re: [groff] 1.22.4.rc4 - Final RC before official 1.22.4

From: Bertrand Garrigues
Subject: Re: [groff] 1.22.4.rc4 - Final RC before official 1.22.4
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2018 23:30:11 +0100
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Hi Dave,

On Wed, Dec 05 2018 at 09:11:45 AM, Dave Kemper <address@hidden> wrote:
> Since a new rc will have to be built anyway,
Yes, unfortunately the "Final RC" in my mail subject was too optimistic.

> any chance this patch could be included?  It's not critical by any
> means, but it's very low-risk (correcting only documentation) and
> fixes a factual error that makes following the logic of the example
> confusing until you go look up what the nl register actually does
> hold.
> If you want to stick with including only critical fixes at this stage,
> no problem, I'll just roll this up with my other, more trivial
> documentation corrections and submit a bug report when that hits some
> kind of critical mass.

As this patch it not dangerous and not controversial I've commited it on

Thanks for reporting it.



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