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Re: [groff] mom manpage

From: Peter Schaffter
Subject: Re: [groff] mom manpage
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2018 18:38:40 -0500
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Bertrand --

On Thu, Dec 06, 2018, Bertrand Garrigues wrote:
> As the html doc is de facto the current reference doc for mom (again,
> I'm not arguing whether it's good or bad), I think the paragraph "4.6
> mom" in groff documentation should be modified.

Changed entry per your request:

diff --git a/doc/groff.texi b/doc/groff.texi
index a6d1260..4526d3c 100644
--- a/doc/groff.texi
+++ b/doc/groff.texi
@@ -4649,11 +4649,26 @@ command line).
 @c XXX documentation
 @c XXX this is a placeholder until we get stuff knocked into shape
-See the @cite{groff_mom(7)} man page (type @command{man groff_mom} at
-the command line), which gives a short overview and a link to its
-extensive documentation in HTML format.
+Complete documentation for the @file{mom} macros is in html format.
address@hidden display
+An online version is also available.
address@hidden display
+PDF features and usage are covered in
address@hidden display
+See also @cite{groff_mom(7)} (type @command{man groff_mom} at the
+command line).
 @c =====================================================================
 @c =====================================================================

I'm not sure whether it's okay for entry points to local files to
have literal paths or whether they need to be rendered symbolically
for build/install purposes, so I won't commit without your go-ahead.

> I think the online html doc could also be mentioned in
>; in the "Mission Statement"
> paragraph, a .mom document is given as an example without a single word
> on what the mom package is.

Done, discretely.

Peter Schaffter

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