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Re: [groff] mom manpage

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: [groff] mom manpage
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2018 19:05:07 -0500
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At 2018-12-11T18:14:11+0100, Ingo Schwarze wrote:
> A small patch clarifying, within the manual page itself, what the manual
> page is, and what it is not, as far as Peter thinks that is useful and
> currently lacking, would be OK before release, i think,

I'm happy to defer whatever Peter and Bertrand can agree upon, but I
note that the page already says:

"mom comes with her own very complete documentation in HTML format.  A
separate PDF manual, Producing PDFs with groff and mom, covers full mom
or PDF usage."

Moreover, full-path file specifications to those documents are offered
immediately thereafter.

I think the message that the man page is incomplete is pretty strongly

Admittedly, "what the man page _is_", however, isn't.

> because a small patch to a manual page is unlikely to cause a
> distraction to release preparation work and almost certainly won't
> break the build or introduce a bug.

Does that mean I can push my other pending changes after all?  :P :P :P


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