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Re: [groff] Regularize (sub)section cross references.

From: John Gardner
Subject: Re: [groff] Regularize (sub)section cross references.
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2018 08:40:58 +1100

*> I've become quite spoiled by Vim's \c flag to the pattern-matcher:*

Doesn't Vi have (deliberately?) similar keybindings to Less? Or is the \c
merely a Vim thing?

I use Emacs and Atom (depending on which computer I'm on, OpenBSD or
macOS). The former has `C-s` bound to I-search, which not only runs
insensitively by default, but jumps to the next matching line as you're
typing. Atom does the same.

On Mon, 17 Dec 2018 at 08:31, G. Branden Robinson <
address@hidden> wrote:

> At 2018-12-17T08:21:40+1100, John Gardner wrote:
> > *> How does the importance of that compare to the trouble caused for
> screen
> > readers etc.?*
> >
> > Heh. It doesn't. =) Put simply, if you're searching for human text in
> > prose, you'll almost always want a case-insensitive search.
> Recent discussion revealed that Ingo and I agree that less(1) is pretty
> much part of the man page experience on terminals, so it's a bit bizarre
> that the program doesn't support this as well as it should.
> You have to know ahead of time that you want a case-insensitive search
> and call less with the "-i" flag.
> I've become quite spoiled by Vim's \c flag to the pattern-matcher:
>        */\c* */\C*
> When "\c" appears anywhere in the pattern, the whole pattern is handled
> like
> 'ignorecase' is on.  The actual value of 'ignorecase' and 'smartcase' is
> ignored.  "\C" does the opposite: Force matching case for the whole
> pattern.
> {only Vim supports \c and \C}
> If we could get Mark Nudelman to support these escapes in less, it would
> help.
> Until and unless that happens, there is man-db man(1)'s MANPAGER option,
> which people could set to "less -i" or ordinary "less" as they prefer.
> mandoc man seems to support this too.  Since Colin Watson and Ingo are
> both here, perhaps they could comment on the wisdom of switching to
> case-insensitive default searches.
> Regards,
> Branden

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