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[groff] 1.22.4.rc5

From: Bertrand Garrigues
Subject: [groff] 1.22.4.rc5
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2018 23:30:37 +0100
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There were lot of fixes on 1.22.4.rc4, but now the build, install, check
and texinfo doc generation look stable.  Therefore I've generated the
release candidate 1.22.4.rc5.

Unless something unexpected is found, I plan to tag the official 1.22.4
this weekend.

1.22.4.rc5 can be downloaded here:
To build it and install it:

  mkdir build
  cd build
  make -j <number of cores>
  sudo make install

A few (quite limited) checks can be done (on hdtbl and mom examples
generation) with:

  make check

To uninstall it just do:

  make uninstall

The texinfo documentation can be generated with:

  make doc

And installed with

  make install-doc

You can also download and build the 1.22.4.rc5 from git:

  git clone
  cd groff
  git checkout 1.22.4.rc5
  mkdir build
  cd build
  make -j <number of cores>
  sudo make install


Bertrand Garrigues

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