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Re: [groff] GNU troff version 1.22.4

From: Ingo Schwarze
Subject: Re: [groff] GNU troff version 1.22.4
Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2018 12:43:20 +0100
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Hi Bertrand,

Bertrand Garrigues wrote on Sun, Dec 23, 2018 at 04:20:38PM +0100:

> After a last commit (copyright year displayed on 'groff --version'),
> I've created tag 1.22.4 and pushed the official package on GNU ftp.
> Below is the annoucement done on the GNU info mailing list.
> We are pleased to announce the release of groff 1.22.4.

Thanks for all your work on the build system and on this release.

I've updated the OpenBSD port to groff-1.22.4 and also added
a "News" entry to


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