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[groff] ... the point of ascii ...

From: Mike Bianchi
Subject: [groff] ... the point of ascii ...
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2019 12:02:03 -0500
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>    :
> The point of -T ascii is to get intelligible output on stunted devices, ...

In my opinion the point of  -T ascii  is to preserve the behaviour of

        groff -T ascii

from back then until forever.  The proposed changes do not correct bugs.
(We are not talking core dumps here.)
They propose to changes to match personal preferences.

I carry with me 40 years of nroff/troff/groff shell scripts that serve me well.
Most have not had to change during that time because the UNIX/Linux/BSD
communities (by and large) to not make "improvements" to achieve a sense of

So if someone wants to have a new  -T txt  mode with a style that looks good
when confined to one of the typewriter fonts, please have at it.
In fact build a generalize tool where the choice of font can implies a set
of desirable (to me) character substitutions and renderings that can easily be
changed via a personalized configuration file.  Say  .groff-Ttxt.rc .

Just don't go changing the definition of existing groff options such that
what was rendered yesterday is different to what rendered today.

 Mike Bianchi
 Foveal Systems

 973 822-2085


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