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[groff] Groff and poor font rendering

From: Kevin Moses
Subject: [groff] Groff and poor font rendering
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2019 15:52:25 -0500

I'm trying to decide if my system isn't correctly configured for clear
readable fonts or if it might be an artifact of groff, and more broadly,
linux itself.
I seem to have no problem printing clear readable fonts with my printer
when the PDF file is generated by, for example, an ebay shipping label.
However, any pdf file that I create with say, pdfmom -P-e >
new.pdf results in a decent page, but still clearly pixelated, and
certainly not as sharp as more conventional google doc files, etc.

The thing is I am not a wizard at linux in general, although I am using a
very out-of-the-norm distro: Void Linux, and the fact that I am using groff
and vim means that I am not a complete idiot.

Can somebody explain if this is a groff issue, or my own setup that might
be the problem. I know my question is very broad, but I'm not really
looking for a solution, just a general answer to the question of groff's
pdf quality. If groff pdf's should be clear as a google doc it is probably
an issue with my own setup.


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