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Re: [groff] anyone seen ".ny0" ?

From: Walter Harms
Subject: Re: [groff] anyone seen ".ny0" ?
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2019 13:58:50 +0100 (CET)

> Ralph Corderoy <address@hidden> hat am 25. März 2019 um 11:29
> geschrieben:
> Hi Walter,
> > .ny0
> > .TH XtAppNextEvent __libmansuffix__ __xorgversion__ "XT FUNCTIONS"
> > .SH NAME
> Given .ny0 seems to be limited to the libx11 man pages here so
> might be a starting point to tracing its
> addition in their source tree.

nobody seems to know, i guess the headers were generated automaticly
and somehow the .ny0 got into that. Now i have a patch to add the
definition of ny0 but i would prefer to remove it complettly if one 
can tell me what it is supposed to do.

> It seems to always be just before the .TH that should start a man page,
> but sometimes there's a «'\" e» or similar between the two, indicating
> eqn(1) is required as described in man(7).  That magic comment only
> works as the first line of the file though, so it looks like these man
> pages have had a `portability' header added at their start, and that
> ends in .ny0?
> > I could not find this in the groff manual. It seems to do nothing.
> I was surprised
>     $ groff -Ww <<<.ny0
>     $ groff -Ww <<<.foo
>     $ 
> didn't complain about those unknown things as they could be typos that
> it should help catch.

Yep that is the point that stoped me from just removing .ny0. I was thinging
about a forgotten command.


thx for all how took part in the discussion

The full header looks like this, i have removed the comments on top
but so far i see they contain nothing that would affect the later processing.
Please note that the .Ds macro is brocken.

.ds tk X Toolkit
.ds xT X Toolkit Intrinsics \- C Language Interface
.ds xI Intrinsics
.ds xW X Toolkit Athena Widgets \- C Language Interface
.ds xL Xlib \- C Language X Interface
.ds xC Inter-Client Communication Conventions Manual
.ds Rn 3
.ds Vn 2.2
.hw XtFind-File wid-get
.de Ds
.\\$1D \\$2 \\$1
.ft CW
.ps \\n(PS
.\".if \\n(VS>=40 .vs \\n(VSu
.\".if \\n(VS<=39 .vs \\n(VSp
.de De
.ce 0
.if \\n(BD .DF
.nr BD 0
.in \\n(OIu
.if \\n(TM .ls 2
.sp \\n(DDu
.de IN          \" send an index entry to the stderr
.de Pn
.ie t \\$1\fB\^\\$2\^\fR\\$3
.el \\$1\fI\^\\$2\^\fP\\$3
.de ZN
.ie t \fB\^\\$1\^\fR\\$2
.el \fI\^\\$1\^\fP\\$2
.TH XtFindFile __libmansuffix__ __xorgversion__ "XT FUNCTIONS"
XtFindFile \- search for a file using substitutions in the path list

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