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[groff] Extra mathematical symbols and emoji

From: fdriver
Subject: [groff] Extra mathematical symbols and emoji
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2019 19:21:35 +0000
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Hello *roffers,

I recently needed to include the succeeds character - u227B - in an eqn equation, e.g.:

n ≻ sqrt n

I don't know of a Groff default font that includes it, but it appears in the Symbola font that I installed using Schaffter's I include it in the file with:

.special Symbola

But this doesn't give me the succeeds char (still just the warning "can't find special character u227B") and breaks the square root overbar, which isn't ideal. In fact, I can't seem to include any non-default characters inside an eqn block, even if I can use them in the main body.

My compilation command is `groff -me -ek >', this doesn't work with any macro set, or the PDF output.

I suspect I'm doing one (or probably more) of:
- Incorrectly installing fonts.
- Incorrectly loading fonts.
- Misunderstanding eqn/groff fonts.
- Misunderstanding Unicode handling.

My questions:
- How would I use Unicode characters with eqn?
- Is there a way to install a font so that it is used automatically for special characters?

Thank you!

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