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Re: [groff] no header in Japanese manpages

From: KUBO Koichi
Subject: Re: [groff] no header in Japanese manpages
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2019 19:05:14 +0900
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On 4/21/19 2:22 AM, Steffen Nurpmeso wrote:
> Hello.
> KUBO Koichi wrote in <address@hidden>:
>  |I am using groff-1.22.4 on FreeBSD.
>  |After updating groff, I realized that there is no header in Japanese
>  |manpages using mdoc.tmac.  So I added the following line to
>  |mdoc.local:
>  |
>  |.if ((\n[.x]\n[.y] >= 122) & (\n[.Y] >= 4)) \{\
>  |.  if "\*[locale]"japanese" \{\
>  |.    als doc-section-name        section-name
>  |.    als doc-section-synopsis    section-synopsis
>  |.    als doc-section-description section-description
>  |.    als doc-section-see-also    section-see-also
>  |.    als doc-section-files       section-files
>  |.    als doc-section-authors     section-authors
>  |.  \}
>  |.\}
>  |
>  |Please let me know if there are other things I have to do.
> This should not be needed, the doc- is a shared prefix that will
> be stripped during installations, as it is not needed.  Whether it
> is good to strip it, i do not know.  I do not like it.  Namespaces
> would be much cooler, like being able to say "use namespace doc",
> but i cannot help it, at least not for the forseeable future.
> I am confident Ingo tested 1.22.4.
> Out of interest, who needs this doc- prefix, actually?
> --steffen

Thankyou for the explanation.

I added mdoc/ja.UTF-8 for Japanese manpages after installing
groff-1.22.4. To do that, I took mdoc/ja.eucJP from FreeBSD ports
ja-groff (groff-1.18.x) and converted it to UTF-8. I did not know to
profix doc- to the symbol, so I used it as it was. It seems that there
was a problem there.

Sorry for taking up your time.


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