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Re: (off topic?) Docbook? Re: manlint?

From: Marc Chantreux
Subject: Re: (off topic?) Docbook? Re: manlint?
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2020 16:51:29 +0200
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> Then you only had a very superficial look at DocBook.

i was switching from plain texts to html and using my own classnames
in span, div and p tags to have my own semantic. having a standard
way to do it really helped but i'll probably be much more demanding


thanks for the link. i postpone the reading to friday so i can read
it correctly.

> But the many specific ways in which DocBook is ill-designed
> are much worse than the fact that it uses XML.


> there is no need to do that work because both the roff(7)
> and the TeX markup language frameworks are clearly superior
> to XML.

agree with that. i really was thinking about the semantic but
i have to admit i don't even remember how to set a title in

also: thanks for the very informative answers you gave to my questions.
i have nothing left to comment or ask anymore.


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